Texture & Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment
These conditioners are a perfect add-on to any service. They smooth the hair, help do away with split ends and keep the hair healthy.
Keratin Smoothing System
The Keratin Smoothing System is a revolutionary process that softens, adds shine and straightens hair. The treatment is even gentle enough to be used on children. Keratin is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. The treatment promotes healthy hair by penetrating the hair, repairing internal damage and coating the hair, which prevents further damage. The results are smooth, silky, shiny, straight hair.
A relaxer is meant to soften and relax naturally curly hair. Results will vary depending your specific curl pattern. Relaxer will soften the curls in the hair, making your hair wavy or completely straight.
Full Wave
A full body wave that will add volume to your hair.